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Sunshine Shading Manual Awnings

Our manual awnings provide the perfect shading outside to keep you cool on the hottest days whilst enabling the use of your patio even when the weather is less than ideal.

The patio becomes an extension to your home. Imagine being able to dine outside with friends or family on a warm summer evening or even in showery weather.

At Sunshine Shading Rochester our manual awnings also help protection from fading for carpets and soft furnishings without having to draw the curtains and lose your view. Control the light & add character to your windows.

A electric awning provides extra comfort for the patio or terrace all year round. Add remote controlled lighting and/or heating to continue entertaining well into the night.

We offer a wide range of fabrics from plain colours to strip colour fabrics. The awning metal cassette comes in several different colours. Awnings come in three types of cassette which are fully open to all weathers or a semi-cassette which is ideal for places in the country. Full cassettes are guaranteeing that the awning is protected from all weathers.

Retractable patio awnings are a popular and convenient way to protect you and your possessions while you are sitting outside, having a barbecue, or hosting an outdoor party.

Retractable awnings mean that you can move it in and out. The awning rolls up into the cassette that protects it from the weather when not in use. Canvas types work similarly to roller blinds with spring tension. Aluminum types roll up into the cassette, pushed by arms on the sides of the window.

Both manual and motorized systems usually come in canvas, but occasionally, aluminum. There are a variety of awnings available and they work in different ways.

Some types of awning have posts or poles to hold it out. These can be a danger as people, especially children can run into them. Some have support arms that take the weight of the canvas and hold it high so people cannot run into it.

Articulated Arms
These open by stages by extending the spring-loaded first arms, then unfurling the others. Sometimes these arms unfold automatically, and some are manually opened after the awning opens. These are the most common awning arm option.

Telescopic Arms
These have gas-filled cylinders and telescopic arms. Telescopic arms have a higher maintenance value as the gas can leak in time and have to be refilled. These arms can only be used on smaller patio awnings.

Manual Awnings
Manually operated awnings have a simple, removable, handle or crank that is used to wind up the awning. Most manual awnings use a crank to roll them up, but there are some that fold up and lay back against the wall, at the top of the window. These have articulated arms. The crank can be located externally or internally.